Professional Building Company | Three Common Types of Loft Conversion in Brighton

Are you planning on constructing a loft conversion? Looking for a building company that prioritises energy efficiency? Look no further than Green Structural Solutions, a team of builders offering bespoke joinery, property renovations, home extensions and much more. On this page, we will outline three of the most common ways that we convert attic spaces in the wider Brighton area.

If you would like to see examples of our work, we have a website gallery where we host images of our completed projects. Our team members are also happy to take you to the property of a previous customer so you can see for yourself.

The trusted choice for environmentally conscious building projects in the Sussex area, Green Structural Solutions focuses on providing greener construction for a greener future. Here are three of the most common attic conversions that we undertake:

Rooflight Conversions

This is the most budget friendly and convenient option for many clients. A rooflight, or Velux, conversion involves little more than installing skylights or slanted windows to your attic space. The simple addition of rooflights as well as bespoke joinery can transform a dingy attic into a vibrant loft conversion.

It is also much less disruptive than other ways of converting your loft, making it ideal for busy households. As with all disruptive projects, including property renovations and home extensions, our tightly coordinated building company is here to keep things as convenient as possible for you and your family.


Dormer Conversions

A great way to add headroom to your attic space, a dormer conversion involves constructing a box-like structure that extends out from the roof. One of the most popular conversions, our team often finds ourselves taking on dormer conversions. The end result is a dramatically expanded space that can host a wide range of different rooms.

Potential options include:
  • Guest Bedroom

  • En-Suite Bathroom

  • Home Office

  • Home Gym

  • Yoga Studio

  • Kids’ Bedroom

  • Home Cinema

  • Artist’s Studio

With so many exciting options to choose from, we always recommend conversions to those clients who have the room to spare.

Hip-to-Gable Conversions

One of the more complicated types of loft conversion, this involves turning a hipped roof into a gabled roof. The downwards sloping side of the hipped roof is elevated to meet the highest point of the existing roof, resulting in a peaked gable on one end.

This requires a significant amount of technical knowledge to get right, so choose our building company for guaranteed quality. We share more than seventy five years of combined experience and have worked on property renovations, home extensions and much more in the Brighton area.

If you would like to further personalise your loft space, we can also offer bespoke joinery services. This includes fitted shelving and other custom storage options. Find out more today.



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